Eid Celebrations

Allah Tabaraq Watala has given us festival of Eid as a reward to Muslim. However we people do not celebrate it in the way it is to be celebrated and very often do such things and perform such odd things that are not permitted in Islam. It does not mean that Islam does not like any jubilations or celebration. But on the contrary it does say to celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm involving all people irrespective of caste creed or race. No discriminations on grounds on humanity.

However our celebrations would be incomplete if our neighbors, relatives are not happy. We ought to think about them in all our celebrations mere just by neglecting them will not do we have to involve them in all our celebrations. Our happiness lays in others happiness. There are so many people in this world who are deprived with their basic amenities of food shelter and clothing. So we have to think about them. If each one of us thinks about caring of our poor neighbors or relatives than naturally a day would come where we can put an end to all problems of poverty. This may also culminate feelings of universal brotherhood.

Today we have a sad picture of Eid celebrations especially among the youth. They tend to use such measures that the celebrations become destruction. Many young people are seen erecting a long tent and applying sound system of DJ music which is forbidden in Islam. On the auspicious occasion of Eid we ought to celebrate it according to Islamic ways. Our young generation tries to imitate actors of bollywood and Hollywood and they make their appearance and act like them making use of bikes to have rash driving on the roads. They wear clothes which are against the teaching of Islam.

During Eid we ought to have a generous and humble heart to greet and visit our relatives and people. We have to be cheerful and happy and not to have any reserve nature to remain away from people. Be the first to greet people and hug them and shake hands with joy and happiness.

Let's remember poor and downtrodden people on Eid. Let's pray to Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat to shower rains of Blessings and Mercy upon Ummat E Muslim. Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession