A Man and a Thirsty Dog
Allah Rabbul Izzat has kept many rewards for loving, caring serving and feeding animals. Every human should take care of animals as they are also creation of Allah and are also living beings and have the feelings of pain, pleasure and satisfaction like us. We ought to look after their domestication by proving them necessary things needed for living a comfortable life. More over such acts of helping nature towards poor and humble animals would result in good deeds as well as to get many rewards from Almighty Allah. May Allah Rabbul Izzat give us hidayat to serve animals. Ameen
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) said, "While a man was walking on his way he became extremely thirsty. He found a well, he went down into it to drink water. Upon leaving it, he saw a dog which was paining out of thirst. His tongue was lolling out and he was eating moist earth from extreme thirst. The man thought to himself. This dog is extremely thirsty as I was. So he descended into the well, filled up his leather sock with water, and holding it in his teeth, climbed up and quenched the thirst of the dog. Allah appreciated his action and forgave his sins". The Companions asked: "Shall we be rewarded for showing kindness to the animals also?'' He (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) said, "A reward is given in connection with every living creature"
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
In the narration of Al-Bukhari, the Prophet (Peace And Blessings Upon) is reported to have said: "Allah forgave him in appreciation of this act and admitted him to Jannah".
Another narration says: "Once a dog was going round the well and was about to die out of thirst. A prostitute of Banu Israel happened to see it. So she took off her leather sock and lowered it into the well. She drew out some water and gave the dog to drink. She was forgiven on account of her action
1. This Hadith emphasizes the importance of kindness to every creature, even animals, because Allah is pleased with such kindness.
2. Allah's Quality of mercy and forgiveness is immensely vast. If He wants He may forgive a person even on a minor good action done by him.
Taken from Riyad-us-Salehin, Chapter 13

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