Bribery Has Become Part of Life

Bribery has been so much rooted in the society that it cannot be removed. Every step taken against it felt short by its changing phases. It has also undergone many changes and now the condition is that people do not consider it as a shame of telling the word bribery but it's like incentives for doing their accurate work. Bribery has almost reached and penetrated in all walks of life and every department and learned people consider it has their pride of giving and taking of bribery. It's a shame that in spite of having handsome salary and perks from time to time people carve for more and more and the lust of hunger for bribery does not come to an end as long as the person is associated with his post or job. Bribery has closed all visions of thinking bright and good things. For them the day begins with it and ends with it, even at night they tend to plan the situation for next day by thinking about proposal and assignments. It's horrible that people also have the same attitude and they are also associated with it and has become a part of life for them happiness lies in appreciation and not in criticism. Bribe is such a procedure that can do any work of our choice and wants. Its value and cost is calculated depending upon the type of work and period. Bribery adds smooth wheels to every project and the whole procedure is governed by the person who undertakes it.

Such works are planned and procedure is implemented in silence it does not have any specific time like office hours. People can remain or can be called even at night or time suitable to their work. Party after the work is the symbol of success that a work has finally come to an end and person is free to work in it.

Just for the sake of few luxury person tends to spoil his character and name. People with such intentions and thinking never progress in life because for them life is just meant for earnings that too by false means. Such thinking has no future and destiny. Look at the poor people they enjoy their life with so much love, happiness and joy they eat simple food and get sound sleep at night but people who take bribe or unwanted money spent sleepless night and could not get the comfort on soft smooth mattress. They are always surrounded with big and small problems. For them problem has no solution and they even pay for getting happiness and joy in their life but it's only for time beings and situation becomes worse as it was.

Hence from now no wards say no to bribe and satisfy our needs within our reach and status. Go in for performing our duty whole heartedly with clean and honest nature to help the people and to guide them about the evil practice of malpractice and bribery and to repent if you had sail through the boat of bribery. Give all that things to poor which has been brought or purchased by bribery. Still time is their take it a pleasure to repent God loves repentance probably it is by heart and mind and should not do it again. Try to live a life within our expectations suited to our earnings if we really deserve to improve our economical condition than do improve it with fair and honest means by hard work and truth.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles