Hijab A Garment Of Modesty

Hijab is a form of garment worn by Muslim and Non-Muslim females around the world. This Hijab can serve as beneficial and more advantageous for females in many ways. It has many advantages for our sisters. Recently there was an instance of snatching golden ornaments from one of our sister. It happened so that she was travelling in a train and all of a sudden she noticed that an unknown person approach and snatch away her precious ornaments. The reason was that she was not wearing a Hijab and all her valuables were exposed to people. Had she worn Hijab than all her precious ornaments would have been hidden inside, but all the precious ornaments were exposed in from of audience and it happened to be that all people do not have good sense so that ornaments gave attraction to the people and such instance of snatching happens which may also be life threatening. He not only took away precious ornaments but also injured her. She felt very sorry and cried all the way.

So sisters around the world should take a lesson from such instance and try to cover our body parts with a garment with Hijab. It can protect us from such nuisance as we do not have any exposure of body or any ornaments to be visible by the people that may provoke any bad thinking in their mind. Sisters wearing Hijab are more safe as compared to those sisters who are not wearing it if have any doubt than one should feel free to experience it by her own. A sister in Hijab is often looked with respect and honour and one would talk politely by using many respective words for her.

Hijab is not only a garment of female but also serve as a protective covering from all ill happenings. It prevents sister's body and precious ornaments from any exposure to audience or passerby. Its human psychology that human visions are fascinated by the charms and beauty of females and in today's complex world Hijab is a must because day by day the clothes of female are getting lesser and lesser and body exposure has become a competition among the females in the name of fashion. They feel more relax and comfortable by wearing less or thin clothes on their body. Islam does not permits even male or females to show their body parts or private parts to others or society. Hijab is the best solution for all problems. It's not necessary that a sister should wear Hijab whole day but whenever she feels any need to go out should wear Hijab and them make movements to outside. Hijab reflects modesty and respect. Hijab rejects all fascination and attraction towards others. It's a complete garment of safety. Hijab prevents any provoke of sexual desires but it depicts honour, respect and sincerity. If any Muslim or Non-Muslim sisters have any kind of doubt in their mind than they should experiment wearing Hijab and would see the desired changes in her own life, take an experience who do not wear it.

Hence sisters around the globe should wear Hijab and protect you from all kinds of bad happenings. Wear it and experiment it Insha-Allah would be happier in Hijab.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession