Death is a procedure by which no living beings can be spared. Holy Quran also says that every living being has to taste death. Death never spares any living beings nor does it does any discrimination with anyone, be it rich or poor, millionaire or beggar, slave or King all has to pass through such procedure of death. Only Almighty God knows how, when and where a person is going to die, On the contrary humans who is also His creation begins to forget the principles of death and very often neglects that some day he or she has to die. He thinks that this beautiful world is a permanent place for him or her and forgets that one day he or she has to be present in front of Almighty God to answer for his or her deeds. Beautiful life given by God is also a test to see how a person lives his or her life. We humans have become so selfish that almost we have forgotten the existence of God and death.

We have not so ever fear of neither God nor death. Our heart has become so numb and hard that in spite of seeing a funeral procession or a dead person it has no impact on us or on our mind. If some fear comes also than it is only for time being and goes away after sometime. Instead of having fear and frightening attitude we tend to smile and enjoy at such times by wasting our precious time by discussing all irrelevant things. Similarly fever visits to graveyard also have no impression on us. Worldly lust and charms has encircled us so much that we almost forget that one day we have to die and leave this world to go into another world where we have to answer for our deeds. Today death is uncertain it may come anyhow only Almighty God knows when, how and where a person is going to die. We ought to prepare ourselves all the time. Remembrance of Almighty God and death would keep us on right track to lead a happy and prosperous life. If we have fear of Allah than we would have fear of death. Remember life is for short span of time and even those people who were very much close in touch with God has also witnessed death. So many Prophets (Peace And Blessings Upon Them) have even tasted death, so where do we stand our whole life is full of sins and crimes even we do not have any leisure time to repent or beg for God's Mercy and Blessings.

It is up to God as too how He wants a person to live in this world. Every person be it very old, old, middle aged, adult, young or kids male or female every life is in the hands of Almighty God. People do not realize on such circumstances and often think that it is a permanent abode of place to live in. life which is a precious gift should be lived for the cause of God and humans to add clean record of good deeds in our side. Islam is such religion that cleans the sins even if there is a prick of thorn. It gives benefits of good deeds by just giving smile to fellow brothers. Planting green lush trees are also an act of good deeds. Similarly speaking truth loving and caring parents and relatives are all work of recording good deeds. Helping the poor, needy and orphanage we ought to mingle with other people to find people who are in some problem and if possible do give them some solution.

May Allah Subhano Watala give us Hidayat to fear Almighty Allah Rabbul Izzat as well as death
May Allah Jalleshahnao bless Ummat E Muslim death with Emaan Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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