A.R. Rahaman that is Allah Rakkha Rahman the musical wizard, legend, icon, pioneer was born on January 6th 1967 as A. S. Dilip Kumar in Chennai Tamil Nadu in India. The Times magazine has referred him as the Mozart of Madras for his outstanding performance in musical arena. A.R. Rahman was born in a poor Indian Hindu family. His father R. K. Shekar was a conductor and composer of Malayalam films. His father died when he was just nine years old. In order to feed his family they rented out musical equipment as a source of income. He converted to Islam from Hinduism along with his family in 1989 and that was the turning point of his life which changed his life completely he began to feel change in his life work and devotion. His wife name is Saira Bano. They have three kids named Khadija, Rahima and Aman.

He received many name and fame in and abroad. Some of his famous achievement includes Film fare award, BAFTA award, Golden Globe, Satellite Award and never to be forgotten the recently Golden Millennium Oscar nominated for Asia's largest and biggest slum dwellers area known as Dharavi in Mumbai. A movie that reflected the life of these people in 'Slum Dog Millionaire'. The children who acted in this movie had never thought or imagined in their life that the bare footed, toned clothes, un comb hairs and button less clothes kids would ever ramp on the Red Carpet of Oscar Award in Los Angles and would be a part and parcel of this jubilations. The music and song composed by none other than A. R. Rahman depicts a perfect combination of rhyme, rhythm, diction, prosaic tone, beats, waves hum together in an opening ceremony of Oscar.

Mr. Rahman has many big and small works under his belt be it a state, national or international which includes International films, Hollywood, Indian panorama, stage or a theater. He holds the record of selling 100 Millions of CD's and 200 Millions of Cassettes ever being sold by any musician in the world. He is called 'Isai Puyal' in Tamil by many people. He can play rather all musical instruments be it flute, piano, harmonium, synthesizer or the guitar. In the year 1992 he himself set up a musical recording in his house under the name as 'Panchathan Record'. His music reflects traditional Indian heritage and culture.
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