Corruption the word itself symbolizes that anything that is done by fraud foul means to satisfy our greed for time being. It has various forms and names in order to hide from its identities of the word corruption. Many people also give it as a name of beautiful gifts to children or family members or what so ever but the intention remains the same that they want the particular work or thing to be done in their favour. It has also undergone specific changes in its form and now the graph of every nation has shown gradual rise in all government and private sectors. People pay the unnecessary amount, deal or thing to get their work done. Corruption has been deeply rooted in our body and only a fear of God can remove it.

The amount of corruption has increased a lot and the sum is calculated by depending upon the work or a projects. People are seen planning out to get the desired amount in their department. Many people consider corruption as boon for them it is because they think that it is better to give bribe to get the work done in time or to have smooth functioning of our work. Actually it is the work of a person to do his or her work because the person is getting the so called salary for that work, but by giving an extra amount rather than salary would keep his concentration more on his work rather than other. People with such mentality spoil the society. If God has given a time being post to him than he or she should use it for the better purpose of the people and society and he should not keep his mouth open for any bribe or extra money from the people.

The level of corruption increases in the society when people have no fearing from Almighty God, they tend to begin as if they may get all the amenities of luxurious and comfort by doing such nuisance. But actually they earn the money by fraud means. Look at the people of the world who are involve with such disease in spite of having all resources available they could not have a sound sleep on their bed and spent a sleepless day and night and look at the poor beggar who by eating rotten leftover food is so healthy and enjoys a sound sleep on the road. This is because the person is free from all malpractices. Corruption has almost entered in all spheres of life in every department and in every nation. Only in some developing nations where the Islamic laws are very strict where the culprit are shown their places by means of varying punishments depending upon their crime. Here it is to be noted that only God's fear and laws are the principles that can put an end to corruption, and laws look very nice when we read it in a book but they are more fruitful and result oriented when they are implemented. Whoever the person may be either big or small all have the right to be asked or inquired if found guilty. No discrimination of any gender or status. All should be treated as equal before law. Hence forth from today onwards say no to corruption. Guide and help people by your valuable ideas that too free of cost. Humans are made for humanity and not for corruption and cheating.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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A teacher by profession and loves to pen article