Be Cheerful In Life
Allah has given us beautiful life with all the amenities and we should be very much thankful to Him for all things that He has given or would be giving in nearby future. His Mercy and Blessings is immense and we do not have any words to describe or define it. Hence we should be thankful and cheerful in life. Whatever the situations always remember Him be it in good or bad conditions. Our condition is a test to see how are we at difficult times do we remember Him and at good time or do we thank Him for giving us happiness.
We should have cheerful nature and try to mix with people and the society, greet them with love, respect and honor. If anyone meets us than be the first to go and approach them forward your hand with cheerful smile rather than waiting for them to give respect to you. Never wait for any second to do any good deeds and always be forward to do it first. Give respect and take respect.
Islam says to be cheerful with our nature and thank God. Things would not be same as they are today. Allah has kept a balance in giving happiness and joy and equally distributed among us. So at any time be thankful to Him and keep on cheerful nature and keep smiling and thank God for anything He gives, it has some hidden facts in it.
Cheerfulness keeps us healthy fresh and fine and it's a sign of thanking Almighty God. So always be cheerful in life and be happy with any situation in life. Joy and sorrow they are the parts of life.

"Be of good cheer."
(Holy Prophet in Bukhari.)

"It is an act of charity to meet your fellow with a cheerful face."
(Holy Prophet in Mishkat.)
Finally, we give a verse of the Holy Quran mentioning a number of qualities a Muslim, man or woman should try to acquire:
"The truthful men and the truthful women, the patient men and the patient women, the humble men and the humble women, the charitable men and the charitable women, the fasting men and the fasting women, the men who guard their chastity and the women who guard their chastity, the men who remember Allah much and the women who remember Allah much - for all these Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward." (33:35)

May Allah Tabaraq Watala give us Hidayat to be cheerful and happy in life Ameen

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