Life Just Goes On On And On

Life a procedure giving by Almighty Allah to every living being like animals, plants, insects and human beings. Out of all living beings humans are identical and unique because God has given him sense of intelligence to think and act. Similarly in present world this life exists up to sixty plus or may be more than that for which man just goes in living by undertaking some good, odd and sometimes bad things. For whole life he keeps on running after wealth thinking that it would provide some comfort from the hectic schedule of world. Sometimes he adopts those paths which may not be good for him and very often crosses the limits also. Some human beings devote their whole life for the sake of their children by sacrificing all their luxury for the sake of their children.

Sometimes the same children betrays them and do not need them at old times when it is a critical time to take care of them. Then they tend to repent which is of no use.

Life is not meant for running after money or hoarding it so that it may help us at difficult times. If one has such thinking than one should see the stray animals and street beggars who do not have a sense of investing anything for future plans. But still they live a happy and tension free life it is just because Allah takes take of them and feeds them as long as they are alive.
Remember it does not mean that we do not have to think of our future nor do we need any planning. Off course one has to think about our bright future by doing all good deeds and work that would give the real meaning of life. Mere just running after the money or things of personal use has no meaning at all. Keep the aim of life in our memory and do not forget that what is the end of life, so one has to plan according for it.

For whole life it is seen that the person is busy and busy. When he is a child his life goes in schooling and classes or courses as he becomes adult goes into marriage than have a nice family to look after than old age comes till last.

So understand the meaning of life to get the best out of it and do good work be it small or big would give the true meaning of life to enjoy it as long as we live.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession