Blind People With Bright Vision

Well it may sound a little bit awkward that how come possible blind people have a bright vision. Well the answer to this question is that in spite of blindness some people do not consider themselves as blind and work harder and elegantly as compared to we people. We can see the glimpse of the above picture if cosmos and metros cities in India.

The local trains in such cities are very often crowded with people during peak hours and doing some movements inside the place, stations or train is a daring task and only people who are habituated with such experience dare to travel for their work. In such circumstances this blind people dare to travel along with their belongings to sell something to the people. First of all they have to make necessary arrangements the previous day to prepare for selling things and then wake up early in the morning to carry the loads of few bags with different things. They map in their mind about things as well as price of things for their things.

Then while travelling they have certain parameters in mind they have to cover all the coaches of the train and have to be cautious with dealing with the customer. People may even cheat them while doing a transaction of money. As they are blind they judge the value of notes by touching necessary parts of the notes and after a fraction of second they say its value and if the transaction requires some change of money than it has to be done soon. Because people do not have time so they are prompt in their work.

In one such instance while travelling there was a blind beggar singing and playing drum to attract the concentration of the audience in order to get some money to satisfy their needs. It happen to be that a passenger demanded a special song on the topic of the sun but the blind man was so prompt he at once touched his wrist to feel the time in his specially made watch and said sir sun is still not risen and you say to sing a song on the sun. A point to be noted that people with bright eyes do not know when does the sin rise or sun set and people who do not have eyes know very well when does the sun rise and set it's really amazing and a lesson for we people.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession