Be Bold And Courageous In Life
The word courage would mean an ability to defend something or to do some difficult task. Courage goes parallel to those people who dare to face challenges and obstacles in life. Courageous people do not except defeat of any kind easily. Different kinds of people have different courage. Some are so tolerant that they never give up in life at any cost. They try to win the battles till there is life. Even if they go away from this world they leave their foot prints mark to be remembered by the people or world.

Courage topics should be taught since childhood to every child to make them bold and daring person, off course this boldness should be for betterment of people and society and not for showing that one is a brave or a courageous person. Courageous people are always successful in life. In spite of many odd like situations they adjust with the surroundings. They sacrifice their comfort and luxury for time being and look forward for their bright future. They know the definition that every hard work has a sweet fruits. But for such bright future they need to sail in a boat of patience and tolerance. They know that success is not received unless we work hard to deserve it.

People who give up at first step or who do not have courage to face the situations do not succeed in life or work. Such type of people needs success as early as possible. Hard work and perseverance are the key stones for gaining something in life. Remember unless we believe that we are something we would not prove to this world. Talent and skills should be exposed to the world to witness it and gain something from it. Just keeping it close without any movements would not be fruitful in any respect. It would get its real taste when exposed in front of the people. So be bold and courageous in life to show to the world whatever good qualities you possess. People become famous for their good deeds and work and not for their appearance.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession