National Integration And Patriotisms

India is a land of multilingual and different types of religion are being preached and practiced here. Anyone can join any religion of his or her choice. The Constitution of India gives equal opportunities to all the people residing in India. India has varied culture in food, customs, and languages and so on. In spite of such device and varied culture we all are one and this is the key factor of national integration and patriotism.

With secularism, one can easily develop the next value needed by all. This is the value of National Integration. It helps to treat our whole nation as one unit and removes the differences between various sectors of the societies. Development of this value with special consciousness in children can help us to build a strong nation; we all can develop into strong and powerful individuals. We can have the desire to treat all Indians as our family and find it easy to help those Indians who need our help and whom we can help. Every good Indian citizen must have the value of national integration in him or her. So it is the duty of all parents and all teachers to teach about national integration consciously to children.

Patriotism implies love for nation irrespective of any caste. At difficult times if our nation needs or help or service should give it without any hesitation. Once a child starts treating all Indians on equal level, parents must teach them to love our nation, just as they develop love for family. Every child loves his family. This is because family looks after all the needs of a child. Does the nation not look after all our needs too? Then is it not necessary to respect and love our nation too? Patriotism is the value that teaches us to love and respect our country. Therefore, all of us must have this value deep down in our mind. When all Indian will have a strong feeling of patriotism, we shall say that India can be a very powerful nation. Then it will be easy to remove all the antisocial elements from our country for ever.

In short every individual must consciously learn dignity of labour, scientific attitude, secularism, national integration and patriotic values in our life, our mind, our personality, our society and our nation to make it a developed and progress nation.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession