Recently both Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are highlighted by media becuase of their marriage. The couple wants to marry each other in mid April. But the problem is that it is said that Shoaib is not a bachelour and has a wife named Ayesha Siddiqqa. She clamied that the marriage has already being undertaken by Shoaib Malik, But Malik clarifys that the photographs shown by the girl did not match with Ayesha so he refuses with the telephonic marriage whats the truth we don't know but according to islamic law Shoaib is entitle to have second marriage on certain conditions. If he is married than also he can have a second wife says islamic laws that too on certain conditions. Similarly why people and media is so much interested in their marriage. They are also human beings like us.

There are many examples to prove that many international players have married many NRI, sports person, bollywood stars and so on.Sania is also an international player and as she is living in India she has full right to make use of democratic principles she has full rights to choose her husband. More ever being a democratic country we can't compell any one for any reason. People have their own choice to choose their bride or groom. Our happiness lies in appreciation and not in criticism. Sania and Shoaib both are international players so the couple choose each other. It would also help friendly ties between India and Pakistan as there would be cultural exchange between both the nations.

Many people from both the nations are looking forward for their marriage as it is rightly said that Marriages are made in Heaven. There will also be exchange of sportive events as Sania is a international tennis player and Shoaib is international cricketer.

Mr Liyakat Shah M.A(Eng)B.ED

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles