Explanation of Surah No 114 of Quran AN-NAS (The Mankind)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This is an Early Meccan Surah. The Second of the two Suras crying for refuge and protection In this Surah the protection is sought especially from the evil in a man's own heart and in the hearts of other men.

These two Suras i.e. 113 and 114 are known as Al-Muawwadhateyn, "the two cries for refuge and protection"

In this Surah appeal is made to seek Allah's protection from the internal factors which might affect the individuals. Therefore we should have trust in Allah, our Lord rather than man as our sure shield. It specially warns us against the secret whispers of evil within our own hearts.

Allah advises His Messenger (PBUH) (to tell them) to seek refuge with your Lord who is the Creator, the Cherisher of all, thus He cares for His mankind. He provides them with all the means for living as well as for their protection against evil. He is the King of Mankind, gives them Guidance for their welfare with His Laws. He is the One that His mankind must return to give the accounts of their deeds. Allah will be the Supreme Judge and He is the Final Goal in the Hereafter.

Allah advises to seek His refuge Only from the evil whispers who deceive man with their flowery talks again and again, secretly whisper evil and then withdraw to make net more alluring and tempting to stray them. This power of evil may be Satan, or evil man or invisible Jinns or it could be their own evil selves working within themselves by way of different greeds and temptations to wrong them, and to excite them to rebel against Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) and His Holy Books and cross His land Boundaries.

When it fails to stray them in his way then it comes sweetly with different door showing all green and beauty of the sins telling them subconsciously as not to worry since your Lord is Most Merciful, Oft forgiving. And when this method fails then it makes sure to create a lot of enemies for them so that by going through the persecutions and oppressions, they will be forced to leave their righteous ways. Therefore you should ask the protection of your Lord from all these evil forces.

In the tradition it says that after the Treaty of Hudaibya when the Prophet (PBUH) returned to Media around 7th Hijra, when a group of Jews came to Medina and met a popular sorcerer from the tribe of Bani Zariq and did witchcraft on the Prophet (PBUH) which made him very ill. Then the Angel Gabriel came and advised Him to read these two Suras (113 and 114) continuously. Therefore the Prophet (PBUH) advised you to read these two Suras when you go to bed at nights and when you get up in the mornings and blow on yourself.

At the end we must know the importance of the arrangement of the Holy Qur'an which was completed in twenty three years. Surah "Al-Fateha" was kept at the start of the Holy Book, which is a prayer that the man praise his Lord, who is the Sustainer, Cherisher, the Most Gracious, Merciful, Oft forgiving and the Master of the Day of Judgement to guide him and to show him the Right way of those on whom He showered His Mercy and not of those of stray ones on whom He brought His Wrath.

At the end the Holy Book ends with a prayer that a man ask refuge from the Lord of Day break, the King and Supreme Judge of Mankind who is Only a True God to protect him from all sorts of evil arising from outer and inner nature, from the man's own evil greed and intentions from all sorts of danger and from all sorts of evil plotting of men and Jinns to keep us in His protection to save us going wrong.

I pray to Allah, calling Him Alone to protect us from all wrongs and to guide us on His Righteous ways and to give us will power to be firm on His True Faith, to follow Him and His Messenger (PBUH). So that our Lord will be pleased with us and shower on us the Gifts of Heave Amen

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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