Explanation of Surah No 103 of Quran AL-ASR (TIME)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

This is an early Meccan Surah Revealed in Mecca.
In this Surah Allah has explained in few words, the loss and gains of this world and of Hereafter. The full guidance is given in this small Surah. In the tradition it says that among the friends of Prophet Peace And Blessings Upon Him, when they used to meet each other, they used to recite this important Surah.

In this Allah has taken the oath to witness the importance of Time. That every hour is converting into minutes and minutes into seconds and same way the future becomes present and the present becomes the past. i.e. to say that time is passing very fast, the Time given to you as your lifetime is going out of your hands. So do not waste it in worldly whims but make the most of it to strive in His cause to get the success in both the worlds.

Allah says that to achieve this success a man should have four qualities. The first is the strong True Faith which consists of six fundamentals.

a) To believe and worship One True God Only and not to make any partners to Him, since He Alone is the Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all. Therefore we should believe in His Divine Power and Obey Him and Sincerely follow His guidance.
b) That we should believe in His Angels who carry His orders.
c) To believe in all His Divine Books inspired to His Messengers Peace And Blessings Upon them.
d) To believe in all His Messengers Peace And Blessings Upon Them regardless of any particular one.
e) To believe in Resurrection, the Final day of Judgement and its Rewards and Punishments.
f) To believe in firmly in Divine Destiny that is to say that Only Allah decides our destiny in whatever form as per His universal plan. Whatever good or bad comes in our life is with His will only as a test to see whether in good time we thank Him and strive in His good cause in bad time we have patience or we rebel against Him.

Second quality is to strive in His good cause to get the success of both worlds providing you have the True Faith and a True Muslim since without this your good deeds are not counted in a Hereafter for your rewards. But you will get the rewards for it in this world only.

Third quality is that your good qualities and your True Faith you should try to introduce to others. This can be achieved by yourself having strong Belief and have just and honest character, so the others will follow your example. If you see your brethren going wrong then you should try to correct him. When you see the enemies of Islam try to bolt the True Faith, then you should be all united and be firm against Allah's enemies, do not at all join His enemies with fear. Allah speaks the Truth and do justice and give the right to one who deserves.

The forth quality is to have patience in any difficulty by setting your own example to the others so they should follow as well. You should explain to them that all the hardships and troubles come from Allah's source only as a test and He is the One Who will remove them. So having Faith you should have patience. Following these qualities the whole Muslim Umma will be on righteous and will get their Salvation and will get reward in both the worlds.

The History of past Nations give witness that they were without these qualities for rejecting their Messengers Peace And Blessings Upon Them and Guidance, so they were destroyed and they are losers in Hereafter.

Therefore Allah says that do not waste your time and come to the righteous before your departure from this world
The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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