Never Be Arrogant In Life
In today's time it is seen that many people suffer from such diseases of arrogance. They are famous for arrogant behavior and at times they even feel proud for that. It's a matter of deep concern and we feel sorry for such people. For no reason they tend to have such behavior, they just want to show that they are a different piece from other.

People with such nature do not have any adjustment in life. For such people the world is very small, they think of themselves rather than thinking for others. They are very happy if they get soon the things they needed. They do not bother or care for others. Their world is limited and goes in a limited framework. They lack in terms of friendly nature. Such type of people are short tempered and always filled with anxiety and worry. They just keep on thinking how they would prove that they are different from others. They never mix up with the people or the society. They always side track from any discussion or public place. If anyone dare to questions with them than they throw and confuse a person with a series of questions and answers they always hide from truth. They always want to win the race by such arrogant nature. If they are debated or talked in public places they feel insecure and try to go away from the situation. If someone meets them than they show that they are so smart guys. They feel very happy and proud when someone praises them or talks or share anything good about them.

Arrogant people are not friendly natured people. They do not have sober nature. They have their own identity. They always use their intelligence to criticize or finding faults in others. They do not like people to underestimate them. For them people and society should act according to their own framed rules and regulation. At time of any public gathering they take a separate place in corner to remain silent with a lot of tension and burden on their face. First of all they avoid any mass gathering and if time insists their presence than they give many excuses or even if they are present than they remain quite without talking with anyone to show that they are little bit different from others.

Sometimes people become arrogant by their conditions. The circumstances in which they live insists them to be like that and at such time they are helpless and the same practice is carried on for whole life which becomes their part of life.

Anyway life is for good tidings. Mix with the people go in for sober, friendly and co-operative nature. People are very often remembered by their nature and not by their status of money.

May Allah Subahano Watala keep us smiling all the time Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession