Why Should Anyone be an Atheist?

Atheists believe that there is no existence of Almighty God. They tend to think that human beings are born free and can do or live his or her life as they wish. It is a baseless misconception and lacks in all terms of logical and spiritual aspect and evidences. How come possible man is born free, off course every livings and non-living beings is the creation of Almighty God. The creation of a person himself or herself is the best example of his existence and creation. If one thinks that his creation is a natural phenomena than he or she should think of giving life to any dead may be just a small leaf or making of any living things. Not at all is it not possible in humans reach. It is the work of only Almighty God who can do and create anything of His choice. A person is given a beautiful life to live for few years in this world to do all those things permitted by Him and remember one has to answer for his or her life so as to how he has lead the life. Birth and death is in His hand and no one in this world could solve the mystery of death. Only God knows when a person is going to die. Just by having such atheist nature one cannot escape from His punishment on the contrary disbeliever in God would just be devastating for atheist and would spoil and ruin their life and such steps would just develop more anger to God. Moreover it does not means that God needs our service or help He is alone and is capable well versed with all things but our believe in Him would lead a good happy and prosperous life and would forgive our sins and if He intends than would give bliss of Heavens in life here after. Remember after death we have to answer about our beliefs and if we do not believe in true God than would face severe consequences for that. Every thing in this universe is His creations and all things in this universe are governed by His fix laws. No one in this world would add, minus or multiply by doing anything against God and His work. His work and creations cannot be challenged and people who think or dare to experiment or do such ill things has been destroyed and if one wants to know than should turn the pages of true history the example of feron who thought himself to be the king and God of people was shown his place and still his dead body is a witness for the people and generations to come from Almighty God that God can only be one and not any humans and if one disbelieves than would not be forgiven. God is one and only one and has no partners, no sons, no daughters or any associates. God can do anything He wants He can make or create as He wishes even make humans in mother's womb without any father. The example of Prophet Adam Peace And Blessings Upon Him and Prophet Jesus Peace And Blessings Upon Him are the two examples of it, who were born without fathers and they were made by the divine power of Almighty God. Similarly He has given many of many miracles to His Prophets Peace And Blessings Of God who are His Messengers who taught and preached among the people about One True God and to believe in Him and His teachings to be blessed by good deeds. God's creation is immense and uncountable He feeds and takes care of all livings and non-livings things. If one wants to see His creation than should collect a copy of Holy Quran and read it with meanings and translations the more you read with meanings and understandings would derive new theories and concept from it. Quran speaks about past, present and future.

Hence forth from today onwards give up that rude and bad nature of Atheisms and believe in one true God if one start believe in one true God and join the fold of Islam to believe in One true God Allah and Prophet Mohammad Peace And Blessings Upon Him is His Messenger than May be Almighty God forgive all his or her past sins that he or she has done unknowingly. So do not think it's late. Be the first to give such atheists nature and start believing in One True God. Well the purpose of this article is not to propagate religion but being a Muslim it's my duty to propagate the teachings of Almighty God to all disbelievers of God and not to gain any popularity or fame. But to gain Mercy and Blessings of Almighty God

May Almighty God give Hidayat to all disbelievers and to believe in One True God. Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles