Parents Are The Precious Gifts of God
Parents are our real wealth given by Allah to we humans and we should take it for granted to serve them whole heartedly as it is our moral responsibility to do it. We should take it as a great opportunity if our parents or any of them is alive. Think for a while and ask for those people who do not have their parents and miss them a lot. It is their hard work and full time devotion of service for us that they made us in such a way that we stand today as what we are. So when we are grown up we ought to take care of them giving them all sorts of supports and help they need. They may have some quarrels and conflicts over minor issues may be because of old age it happens so. We would also taste its flavor when we become old and would realize what old age is. But just for sake of such small things we could not hate or neglect them. It's their love for us that they think much better for us that too because of their experience in this world. Never should we forget the past life when we were small and how our parents worked day and night to give best quality of nourishment and education which would also beyond in their reach but they just do it for our sake that we would grow up and become good human beings to serve them as well as society. But if the so called person shows colours after growing up and neglects or often quarrels with his parents than his life would be meaningless as he has hurt his parents and failed to learn the basic lessons of true service. The true service of looking after our parents and caring them would lead us to the path of Heavens.
Hence forth from now onwards increase and double your love for your parents if they are alive make frequent visits serve them do not ask them what they need but provide them all that they need and if they are far away from you than be in touch with them on phone or net or by any means from time to time. Take their legal suggestions in any matters you do and if they are not alive than if possible do visit their graves and offer Prayer for their Maghferat and always do good charity work in their name so that Allah would bless them with Zannatul Firdaus.
May Allah Rabbul Izzat give us Hidayat to serve, love, respect and honour our parents Ameen

In Holy Quran also we have many Ayats related with parents

Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayah 83
"(You shall do) good to (your) parents and to the near of kin and to the orphans and the needy."

Surah An-Nisaa : Ayah 36
"And serve Allah and do not associate anything with Him and be good to the parents and to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the neighbor of (your) kin and the alien neighbor, and the companion in a journey and the wayfarer and those whom your right hands possess; surely Allah does not love him who is proud, boastful."
.Surah Al-An'am : Ayah 151
"Show kindness to your parents, and do not slay your children for (fear of) poverty-- We provide for you and for them."

Surah Bani Israel : Ayah 23-24
"And your Lord has commanded that you shall not serve (any) but Him, and goodness to your parents. If either or both of them reach old age with you, say not to them (so much as) "Ugh" nor chide them, and speak to them a generous word."
"And make yourself submissively gentle to them with compassion, and say: O my Lord! have compassion on them, as they brought me up (when I was) little."
Surah Al-Ankabut : Ayah 8
"And We have enjoined on man goodness to his parents, and if they contend with you that you should associate (others) with Me, of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them, to Me is your return, so I will inform you of what you did."
Surah Luqman : Ayah 14
"And We have enjoined man in respect of his parents,...Be grateful to Me and to both your parents; to Me is the eventual coming."
Surah Al-Ahqaf : Ayah 15
"And We have enjoined on man doing of good to his parents; with trouble did his mother bear him and with trouble did she bring him forth; and the bearing of him and the weaning of him was thirty months."

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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