It has been since ages that the world had witnessed Islamic art and culture. In spite of several hardships and lack of equipments people had shown utmost love and care for Islamic arts and culture. Every country in this world has some or the other Islamic art exposed or hidden in it. A bright vision is needed by the people and historian to expose it and see the depth of Islamic legacy.

Islamic art is filled with elegant master pieces to blend beautiful calligraphic, filigree work. The dome and tall minarets the rectangular columns, the roofs with beautiful creepers and floral designs is a majestic work of art and design. The historical buildings, gates, forts, monuments and mosques are marvelous pieces of their work that still stand today in spite of several centuries. The shine and look is so attractive that it makes a person pause and think as if it was built some days ago. The colors used in such work were so immense which also has an impact on human psychology. In spite of no resources and measures available they tend to make such vast buildings and mosques and forts. They had a mastery over their subjects. The material used for the historical work of Islamic art was more durable and everlasting which could bear any climatic conditions.

Islamic art is that in which people had a profound knowledge of language, geometry, geography, science, and history. The objects which were made of various size, shape, pattern, luster and texture was logically so correct and perfect that we could not find any minute differences in comparisons of two identical things. For example the four minarets of Bibi ka Makbara at Aurangabad or the Famous Taj Mahal at Agra are of equal size and shape. When we have an Ariel view of such minarets it slightly bends exactly opposite sides of the dome of Taj the scientific reason for that is that if there is any reason to fall or by natural calamity, than the four minarets should not fall on the dome to spoil it. Hence it has been made in such a way that it should not spoil the beautiful Taj which stands since ages on the banks of river Yamuna. The beautiful calligraphic work is awesome. It shows that these people had a profound knowledge of all subjects. Today we people have to take care of this legacy and protect them from any harm by the people. Remember it is a precious historical gift to us so we must preserve it at any cost.

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