Why To Take Bribe?
Bribe taking may give us all sorts of comforts and amenities but all this are temporary efforts that may give some temporary relief to us. But its consequences are very very devastating. We have to explain for each earnings or demands that we have made rather than our salary or gains. It is not good to have a greedy nature by misusing our post or power. People are humble and want their work to be done by every possible means. If they would be given justice by us than such atmosphere of bribe would not have taken place.
Bribe a word that is whole world associated either formally or informally. The nations and societies are densely polluted with it. It is type of fantasy that attracts the people physically and mentally and to use the so called bribe for his life and comforts. The person who taste the aroma of bribe fall prey to greediness and intend to increase his status by increasing his graph by fair and false means in nearby future. Taking bribe is not so difficult task. People themselves approach to the people for their work to be done or to give speed in their work. It is since ancient times this bribe has undergone specific changes in terms of deal, value, cash, and so on and many educated and illiterate people have come into its fold. It does not just mean give and take of money but its worth depends on the type of work, task or project it is calculated taking into consideration views of both the parties which is negotiable. Bribe is most commonly associated with bureaucrats. Actually it is the fault of us we provoke them to take an extra amount to get our work done in time or before time. It is here that the disease of bribe is spread in the society and there are no such medicinal remedies to cure and wherever it goes it is polluted more and more. Government pays and gives nice salaries and perks to its employees. The pay band is calculated with reference to the rise in price and need of the people to satisfy his family. People should do their work whole heartedly without expecting any benefits or personal gains because he is being appointed for that work to be done for the cause of people. Delay in work should not be done to make the people lose faith in democracy. Fear of Almighty God is the only solution to this bribe. Unless and until we have complete faith and fear of God we would not come out of such dangerous disease. Remember one day we have to meet Almighty God to answer for our good and bad deeds. We should not do those things which are not permitted by our religion and no religion in the world appreciates bribe in any form. Once the food of bribe goes in our body than that food digest to make a blood of bribe and that polluted bribe blood is supplied in the whole body. Than all the physical and mental actions are generated just of bribe and bribe only anywhere they go they tend to find how they could earn the money. Nowadays it has become a fashion and people mingle it with beautiful gifts in the name of bribe. But remember people who are habituated of taking bribe very often spent sleepless night. They have to take sleeping peels to get sleep for time being. They are always visiting several hospitals for them and family. They tend to do various religious works but it is of no use. Because they are bribe taking people whose all acts would be of no use unless they give up bribery and adjust their life with whatever their earnings that God has given them.
Hence say no to bribe and say yes to work. If people come with sad and grim faces to you than return them with smiling faces with your words and helping work. Think their problem as our own problems. Imagine our self in their place. May Allah give us sense to act honestly from today onwards and render free of cost service to the people.
Mr. Liyakat shah
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