Petrol And Politics

Petrol a form of liquid chemical that has the tendency to produce spontaneous fire and this petrol has become a burden for people as there is a continuous unending rise in price and very sad to say that everyone talks about what will happen to common man and no one talks or say about poor people.

People think that the rise of petrol is just related with common man or a middle class people.
Petrol play a very important role in politics and every party use it according to its will to gain popularity. If we take a survey of the people of India than they have a common statement that none of the government cares or thinks for the people and all party just fill in their bags and make preparations for further elections. Whoever or whichever government or a party comes in the central level all are same and no one cares for the people. Already facing the burden of high price rise poor people have to face new price rise of petrol and so people have to pay nearly 80 rupees per liter for petrol it's not bearable. People are ignorant and do not understand the measure of dirty politics. Government is very clever whenever they want to hike the price of petrol if suppose they want to increase the price by two rupees than they do not increase the price by two rupees but they raise the price of petrol by four rupees and they know that such measure of price rise would result in protest, procession, rallies, dharnas, criticisms and so on and such measures make the government more popular and highlighted in the media. Similarly the government is well planned for this action. Than a joint meeting is called to discuss the issue of petrol price rise and in the meeting it is decided that the government would roll back the price by two rupees and petrol price is hiked by two rupees as it was already planned and thing they wanted and people are being fooled and do not understand such measures. Similarly opposition parties also get very nice issues to protest the government. Already our government is suffering from different kinds of scam and frauds.

Petrol price are also hiked to divert the mind of the people from one burning issue to another. If they government is on a continuous criticisms than they take the step of rising any of commodity price to divert the minds of the people. Altogether we can say that petrol has added new wings to the politics of India. Remember upper class or business class and corrupt people have nothing to do the rise in petrol or any rising price in petrol only poor people who form maximum population of India suffer the most. Another factor of price rise is that rise in petrol give rise to rise in other price of goods for which poor people have to bear. Rise in petrol price is not a stable procedure but it keeps on changing from time to time and may be possible three or four times in a year. Every government comes and goes and they give an assurance and true promise that they would eradicate poverty and think about the common man, poor people and control in price rise. But all these events look very nice when heard by the audience and lacks on the basis of implementations. It a statement used to attract the audience that they are so much concern for people and this is a politics.
Let's see how long we would have petrol politics.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession