The way the people behave, talk, and do their actions shows their manners and culture. Good manners come in from the parents. If the child is taught a lesson and concept of good manners from beginning that he would grow up to blend a nice cultured person. During childhood we often find children imitating the works and actions of elders be it known or unknown. Henceforth proper words and actions should be done in front of children for them to realize the aspects of good manners. If a father is seen smoking or consuming wine in front of the small children than they also intend to use the same trick either in personal or public place and if he or she gets some appreciation form people by mere laughing and praising for such nuisance acts than he becomes bold enough to try the same experiments by using original things. We come across many examples at home that the child is making a cigarette of piece of paper and giving movements to his hand and lips by puff that is a learning age and he tends to think that he is doing a good job and irresponsible people even appreciate him instead of scolding or criticizing him for such bad work at childhood. Parents are almost responsible for every good or bad work done by the children

Islam also teaches us about good and moral behavior with us and others. Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) had very good nature and He had very close friendly and impressive relationships not only with Muslims but also with non. Muslims. Many people joined the fold of Islam by observing His behavior and character. Below few Hadeees is narrated on good behavior. May Allah Subhano Watala gives us hidayat to have good moral behavior.

Abu Darda (RadiAllaho Tala) reported that the Prophet of Allah (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) said, "Nothing is weightier on the scale of Deeds than one's good manners
Hadith Bukhari Book of Manners 271

Abu Huraira (RadiAllaho Tala) said, "I heard Abu al Qasim (The Prophet SallaloalyaheWasalam) say, "The best among you in Islam are those with the best manners, so long as they develop a sense of understanding"
Hadith Bukhari

(The Prophet SallalahoalyaheWasalam) said, " The most beloved of Allah's servants to Allah are the most with best manners"
Hadith Sahih Bukhari

The Prophet of Allah (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) said, "He who does not show mercy to our young or show esteem for our elders is not one of us."
Abu Huraira( RadiAllaho Tala) reported that The Prophet of Allah (SallalahoalyaheWasalam) said, "Give gifts to one another, and you will love one another.
Hadith Sahih Bukhari


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