Life For Doing Good Deeds

Almighty Allah has given us life of few years and every living being has to die and close our chapter forever. Yesterday there were some others today may be some others and tomorrow may be some others. Like this the cycle of life continues by the will of Allah. He has Alhamdulliha kept a cycle of reproduction about humans, animals, plants, birds and many other living beings. Every living species dies some or the other day and if He wishes some new species are born in its place. He may give birth to none, few or many according to His wish.

Nowadays the life of humans hardly extends up to sixty or seventy plus or in rare cases goes up till eighty years. But we humans have forgotten the concept of death. For whole life we do not even think about life which is going towards an end and one day we have to depart. We just work for our whole life just for working money and satisfaction for comfort and luxuries of life. People who are millionaire or a poor beggar both have to sleep in same grave at time of depart.

People who deny the fact of truth of death are in position of arrogant nature. They may escape from facts for a time being as God does not punishes them and gives ample time for repentance. But people with same nature and attitude would taste death and would experience personally. Death cannot be denied or escaped, it may come at its stipulated time and every human in this world should woke up from worldly lusts and dream and strive in doing all good acts to open the gates of Heaven. Even animals and plants have the same procedure of death and reproduction. A new species is born and ends according to the cycle prescribed by God.

Real fear of death may keep us on the right track that is we may think and act of doing good deeds. Today we do not bother or care for doing anything for others or ourselves.

Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession