Billions of Thanks To Almighty Allah

We are really thankful to Almighty Allah for giving us such a beautiful life and all the amenities for it. Actually we do not have any words to thanks Him. There are so many Blessings and Mercy being showered upon whole universe. He feeds and care all be it livings or non-livings. He is so much Merciful that He even cares and loves those people who have misconception about His existence and presence. Allah feeds so many humans, animals and plants and imagines so many species of living beings exist in this universe. Look at the new born baby whom Allah makes arrangement of nourishing milk for the new born baby, only Allah can do this and no other. Allah is most merciful towards all living beings He makes arrangement for foods by many ways. Allah's creation is immense and all things on the earth depend on Him. We are thankful to You Almighty Allah for giving us such a nice life and all the body parts they are so nicely placed and works so nicely by the will of God. Some organs are single and some are double and all these organs perform different functions to keep the body fit, fresh and fine. Similarly as time goes on these organs also grow according to age. God also feeds innumerable animals and plants look at the forests and jungles which has so many species of different kinds. God provides food, shelter and water to all these species. Allah also provides food to all sea animals beneath the oceans and all other species in the sea. Allah cares for all of us but very sad to say we do not care for Allah at difficult times we start to complain and feel sad for worse conditions or situations. But we should be thankful to our Lord at all times be it good or bad. Thank God for any conditions He keeps or would keep.
May we all humans develop an intelligence to thank Allah Rabbul Izzat for everything He has given, for everything He would be giving and for everything that He would give. We are very much thankful to You our dear Lord do shower Your Mercy and Blessings upon whole humanity. Forgive all our exposed and hidden sins and crimes. Keep us in Your loving care. Make us good humans to live a life for humanity. Make us true, honest and Faithful Muslim. We repent from all big and small sins. Please forgive us. Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles