Types Of Stress

We can see that there are many types of stress that one experiences. The mental stress is any time much more severe than physical stress. If the mind of any person is going in right positive direction, than he can take much more physical work stress than any other person. The mental stress is cause due to frustration or conflicts or other pressures of various kinds as well as one's own resistance to change.

Frustrations are a result of inability to have one's way or to fulfill one's desires. When we want to do something but cannot do so due to any reason, we feel as if our goal directed activity is blocked. This blocking is certainly not liked by anyone. Then there is a resistance to this blocking. Even with resistance and increased efforts to reach the goal, the block still remains and one cannot reach the goal. Then one gets frustrated. With frustration, the struggle to reach the goal may apparently be over, but the inner struggle to accept the fact that the desired goal cannot be reached and it still continues. One does not like to accept that he is not able to get what he wants. This causes stress.

Conflicts are caused when two contradictory things are approached at the same time. Conflicts causes stress and one's mind is not stable and his mind always argues with himself on minor issues which can be resolved by no means. But being such nature of conflict he always tends to think any issues with logic and if he does not get the desired answer than his mind starts to create a procedure of conflicts. We can say it simpler that when things go against a person's will than it give rise to conflicts.

Pressure are there in every day work. These pressures are of various kinds like work, study, thoughts, money, future planning, relationships etc. when one has to work beyond one's capacity, one experience pressures. Then a person feels over worked. Similarly, when a child has to study for all the time and does not find any time for relaxation or recreation, he gets stressed due to two things one is study pressure and second is monotony. The pressure of thoughts is due to having many negative thoughts. If one does not have money or if one has his future but cannot see anything like secure future, one gets stressed. Same thing happens when, keeping any relationship, one has to keep sacrificing and adjusting all the time as well as suffering humiliations just because one wants to maintain relationship. All this causes a lot of pressure and stress in turn.

Change is a part of life and life is full of change. But most of the people fear change. This is because change takes us to unknown situation. We do not know how to handle unknown situation, problem, or person. May be this is why there is a common saying "A known devil is better than unknown" every change brings an uncertainty with it. Uncertainty has a potential to make us insecure. This is the reason why one does not like the change. This can explain why the older generations cannot accept the changing thoughts and behavior of the younger generations. When anything changes, we have to adjust ourselves to fit into the changed situation. But to adjust, we need to give up our existing practices and adapt new ones. We may not like to do this and we also are not what will be effect of all this. So we are stressed time to any change.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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