Explanation of Surah No 100 of Quran AL-Adiyat (Those that run)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This is an early Meccan Surah. Its theme is to make man understand about his selfishness and ungratefulness to his Lord. For not believing about the Day of Judgement and having no fear of his Lord makes him go in the pit of evil.

Those days the corruption of robbery, loot and murder was common in Arab world. The man had no peace and no sleep at nights. Because most of the incidents were carried, setting quietly at night and attacking the enemies at early dawn Allah says that although man has inner conscience which draw his attention at his wrongs, but he ignores its call just for the sake of worldly gains which in fact he will be leaving them behind on his departure from this world his eyes will open when he will see the Reality on the Final Day and he will have to answer for his evil deeds, all written correctly in his Book of Record and he cannot deny anything, but he will be heading for punishment.

Allah has given the example of horses as how they are so grateful to their masters who feed them and looks after them so they always obey him. They go at any extent to please their master, off, they go striking fire enemies they hoofs by night, attacking regardless of the weapons of their enemies they boldly penetrate into midst of them, risking their lives for the cause. But just look at the ungrateful man Does he show the faithfulness to his Lord? The unregenerate man except those who received guidance, is ungrateful to his lord, the Cherisher, Creator and Sustainer Who sends His blessings at all times. Man's ingratitude may be shown by thoughts, words and deeds, by denying Allah and His goodness, by misusing his gifts e.g. horse for robbery and by doing injustice to His creatures. Allah did not give the gift of horses for his evil necessities, but to use them in His good cause to use them in waging the war against evil. Allah says that man is in love with his worldly gains and lust. Soon he will see the Reality when on the Day of Resurrection all his secret plots, evil thoughts and evil greed will be brought up before the Judgement- Seat of Allah. On that final Day not only his Book of Record of his deeds will be brought forward but the motives and his intention of performing any deed will be brought to light E.g. if a man has done any charity in his life, so did he do this charity to please his Lord or he did to have fame to show his wealth and power. Thus Allah will sort out good from evil for Allah's Knowledge is full and He knows well His creatures. And on the Day it will reveal to man the secret (of the Day of Sorting out) which he had long forgotten, for the Book of his deed will be opened up. And Allah only knows as to punish and who to reward.

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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