Changes in Indian Politics
The recent results of elections from four Indian states on 8th of December 2013 is really shocking for people and more shocking are the results of Delhi where the Aam Aadmi Party lead by Arvind Kejriwal created a history in Indian politics whereby a few handful of people rose in protest against the ruling and opposition nationalize leaders challenging them to taste a defeat by contesting the elections within the frame of constitution and coming out with thumbing results by bagging 28 seats from Delhi Constituencies surprising Indian people as well as Indian politics and politician. The experienced politicians now begin to feel fear and respect for the name of Aam Aadmi Party which literally means an organization of common people. Their main intention is to free India from corruptions and corrupt politicians. According to them Indian politics have being polluted with scams, frauds and corruptions by politicians and people of the society?

The symbol of the party is a broom and has a hidden meaning that with the broom they would clean and sweep the dirty and corrupt politics of India and in practical sense could be seen to some extent by wining many seats from Delhi which is a real challenge to the politics of India. According to them unless people enter into political stream and be alert enough to cast vote or contest elections than only would bring a desire changes in the politics. They believe in equality and justice and believed in practical work rather than assurance and promises.

At the initial stage the formation of the party was a difficult task but they overcome all the hazards in their way and sailed out to form Aap party to fight against corruptions of India in which the main inspiring person from whom they took basic lessons was Anna Hazare a noted Gandhian fighting against corruptions since his childhood. They also want to introduce a bill in the parliament known as Jan Lokpal an act by which all the corrupt people either from politics or society would be brought under trail and the investigations would be fair and free to bring out true results within a short span of time, rather than sending such cases by setting up committees to investigate.

In Aam Aadmi Party the focal point remained the young generation who gave time to play a game of politics and casted their precious votes in favour of new faces to bring a desired change in the society and for this they had chosen Delhi the capital of India and tasted the success at the first glance. Many politicians and people from the society criticized and mock over such people but silence were the answers and today the change could be seen and felt in media and newspapers. They contested the elections with open mind without much money, canvassing and advertisement. It was mere just way of talking, greeting and highlighting the corruptions issues that gave sympathy of the people. Moreover people also needed a change in the society.

Hence one thing is to be noted that it is the beautiful Constitution of India that gives an opportunity to even a common man to dream and knock the doors of Indian Parliament and not any money or corrupt politics.

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