Let's Try This Experiment

The experiment may sound difficult but when firm to do it than it would make a person more firm believer and closer to God
First and foremost thing is that things are to be done just for sake of Almighty God and humanity and should not have any intension of gaining any popularity or for sake of any personal advertisement. Try to find people who are in any minor to major problems and who feel shy to express it in front of audience. They take it pleasure from God and go on bearing to the fullest length without expressing any complaints or any queries. So it is our duty of wealthy people to meet such people in personal and have healthy and fruitful discussions with them and try to help them by any ways we can, either by inspirational words, money or things or by means we can. Remember they would feel shy to express about their problem so one has to be cautious in dealing with such people. There are so many people in this world who wake up and sleep without food and eatables things. People have to travel a long distance to fetch water for them and family. There are also people in this world who enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life. A life in which all amenities are available at ease a life where these people have almost forgotten we poor people and almost neglected us. Today people have no time to listen to the voice of poor people they are so busy with their life and work that they do not have time to think or listen about the poor people. If any one dares to speak about them than they say to change the topic because topics related with poor or poverty makes them boring. They fear that such things may not spoil the happiness of their life. They do not want to share happiness with others and makes happiness limited or reserved for them.
So still time is there and let's changes our mentality and has love, pity and humble nature with poor and poverty. The person who earns a name in poverty is real successful person in life. Hug the poor and love and respect them, take it an opportunity to help them and their family. Their help and aid would help us to bring closer to God and to see how life is with the poor and with poverty. Try the experiment of keeping one day fast to realize how poor people remain hungry all throughout the day. Feel about the poor and think about poverty how people live their life in spite of being humans like us. It's a testing time for us or we have to answer for it.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles