Rules And Regulations for Social Manner

Allah reveals some rules and regulations for social; manner to build the foundation of good life in Surah Bani Isreal Thus Allah says
1) That there is no God but Allah and so worship none but Him Alone.
2) Is the rights of Parents, you should respect and take care of them
3) Do not be mean and do not hoard your wealth, but after spending on yourselves and your family in moderate manner, then the remaining if you have should be given to help the needy relatives, Neighbors, travelers in need of help and if you cannot afford then deal with them politely. Also avoid the lavish and unnecessary spending and showing off to show your superiority by over spending.
4) Do not kill your children including doing abortion with fear of poverty since His Duty is to give every one sustence.
5) Do not commit adultery nor encourage it by vulgar advertisements example pornography, nakedness etc.
6) Do not commit murder of your fellow being or in revenge do not wipe the entire family. The relatives of the murdered are allowed taking ranson and forgiving the murderer or he can take life for life.
7) Do not commit suicide to get relief from the miseries of this world. You may get away temporarily but just think of the punishment for this is the Hereafter. So have patience while you are tested with troubles in your worldly life.
8) Do not touch the properties of orphans except to improve it for them until their puberty.
9) Fulfill your promise or under takings as guardians.
Give the just measures and weights, so you could again be trusted.
10) Do not see or hear or speak evil, since idle curiosity leads to a lot of problems.
11) Do not walk on the Earth with ultimate pride, since you cannot rend the earth nor you can stretch to the mountain height.
12) Do not make any partners to Allah. How ignorant it is to make Angles as His daughters, while you choose sons for yourselves. You certainly will face the Fire of Hell. Just use your reason that if there were other gods besides Allah, then surely they would have tried to over throw Him to take His seat, then the entire Nature would be disrupted.
13) Avoid the suspicions and False Propaganda and do not blame anyone unnecessarily.
All the things in Heaven and in the Earth and in between them Glorify Allah's Wisdom, Power, Art and Goodness

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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