The Greatest Human On Universe
In present world there are some mad people who utilize their brain to do some inhuman work to attract the attention of the audience and world around them. So they use such measures of defaming any religion or any people. By this they tend to show the things which are not in reality. Their sole intension remains on publicity and popularity. By doing such ill things they know the protest and agitation would make them as well as their work famous and would get a place for breakfast for the media. They are much aware of the reaction and they are even ready to deal with situations because they have a support of big leaders who give them assurance of full proof security.
People around the world should understand such people and should not adopt the path of violence. We can protest and agitate on our democratic principles but in a peaceful manner. Violence has no solution for anything. They should not go in for any violence. As those people have right to speak or show anything wrong, than we people have the right to correct or criticize them.

Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him and His family) was a greatest man on this universe. He was fascinated by people for His impressive nature and truthfulness. He was famous for His good and impressive nature. People trusted Him all the time. He was born at times when society was stagnated with all sorts of bad things. He freed people from all types of ill things and many more. His life is full of extra ordinary things that cannot be done or performed by any human around the world. He attracted people with moral behavior.

During His time also He had certain enemies and He also dealt with them very nicely to tackle such types of people. They were the people who did not want to remove all ill practice from the society. So for this purpose they put hurdles in His working way. They did not like the progress of the society. They created all sorts of troubles to stop Him from teaching and preaching all good things.
Even today also we do have such type of people who do not like good things in the society. Yes the recently released a movie which depicts the defame for Islam and Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him and His family). Alhamdulliha Prophet Mohammad's teachings are the best of best for whole mankind and has no place of any doubts, if anyone who has any such things in mind then should pick up His life history to find out the facts. Mere just by saying or thinking anything about a person does not stands on basis of authenticity.

Remember saying or depicting anything on Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him and His family) would not would not make any change in His life as He is and would remain a greatest person for humanity.

May Allah Rabbul Izzat give Hidayat to show real teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him)

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession