Human Resourse Minister Mr.Kapil Sibal has an intention of setting up of a Central Madrasa Board to bring all the Islamic religious institutions under centralize rule. The HRD minister had a meeting with many muslim ministers from ruling as well as opposition people and expert lawyers and clerics to discuss about the Act. He wants to modernise Madarsa, according to him the students passing from the the so called Madrasa would get a certificate equivalent to CBSE which would be valid for further educational courses.

However it is to be noted that many Ulemas had protested against this move by the HRD minister. Its an intervention in one's religious sentiments which goes against the will of people as well as nation. Nowdays all this religious institutions are run on democratic principles with in the frame work of our Constitution. There are special teachers known as Ulemas and Mauollemas to mould, teach, guide the pupils by islamic teachings to make themselves as Kari, Aaleem, Fazil, Mufti and so on. Many Ulemas have criticized Sibal's veiw and did not favour centers veiw to centralize the Madrasa.

Its an independent organisation set up under the principles of our Constitution just having an intention to impart islamic education, mere personal gains and name and fame have no place in that institution. If all Madrasas go on verge of centralize pattern than whole of the policies, syllabus, curriculum, teachings, text would be according to the center and indirectly it would be an interference in one's religion which goes according to the principles of democratic principles. If we practice religion of our choice than we are free to preach teach practice and form organisation of our choice is being taught in civics.

Many people have a mix reaction as to why only Madrasas to go on Central Board why not other organisations of other religions. May be because they have misconceptions about it that its a dewelling place of antisocial elements. Islam never and never appreciated violence in any form be it physical or mental even cutting down of green trees are not allowed in islam. Madrasas are the institutions that imbibe islamic studies with reference to Holy Quran, Hadith and various islamic books to make pupils as future Ulemas and Maoullema. There teachings are oriented by islamic legacy with reference to Quran such as love for living beings including humans, plants and animals, love for nation, love for society, love for humanity. Violence has no place in Islam.

Islam is spread by sweet words and not by swords.

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A. Eng B.Ed

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles