The one who show the right path and leads us from darkness into light, a person who does the task, to mold and shape our career and makes us future citizens of the nation. The one who has a kind of temperament and dedication. A person who knows work is worship and who works silently within the four walls of modest surroundings, from dust and dirt, among the people who have not yet broken shell of innocence and later in life. Teaching is a very noble profession. It demands courage, enthusiasm and dedication.

A teacher is essentially a person with a vision. He or she is the greatest philosopher of mankind and shares in the work of God's creation. He is the firm root of education and is responsible for goof development. He develops the image of with democratic citizens. He is the greatest public symbol and a good guide and a counsel. He develops the confidence in children and shows them the right path. Teaching involves a continuous process of learning. He indeed stands responsible for all his good appreciative work. A lamp cannot light another lamp until it burns itself likewise a teacher has to be fully fledged with its knowledge to educate others. Teachers are the most respected citizens in lantern in the darkest stormy night, a mother or friend sitting beside a sick kid and guiding stick to a blind.

A teacher is one who systematically imparts knowledge or skill or instructs, gives systematic instructions about everything. He is respected and a very success figure in life. A teacher is a person who just keeps on learning and updating his or her knowledge to impart education according to the needs of the society. A profession that builds the future of the society, a person that teaches goodwill to the society and nation. A profession which is pure and honest that is devoted for the cause of imparting best of best qualitative education. A profession that has undergone various changes since independence, but the core objective remains the same.

A true teacher has such qualities.


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