Whatever God does He Does Good for The People

Once upon a time there lived a King and he had ministers along with a Wazir who was very religious minded person and very often remembers and chants about sentences related with greatness of Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat the sentence was Allah Jo Karta Hai Accha Karta Hai. Whenever the King or any courtyards ask him about the matters related with kingdom he used to give updated knowledge along with the same sentence that Whatever God does He does Good for people. The King was a very clever person he realized that this Wazir is not an ordinary person and has strong faith towards God that is Allah. The king used to always accompany the Wazir along with him wherever he went either to other place, hunting or for any other work. It happened so that one day the King and Wazir were sitting in a garden and King was eating an apple as he began to cut the apple with a sharp knife he cut his figure and was crying in pain with the broken finger and said to the Wazir to go and bring some medical help. The Wazir followed the instructions and repeated the same sentence as to "Whatever God does He does good for the people" means Allah Jo Karta Hai Accha Karta Hai. Hearing this King was annoyed and shouted at Wazir that in spite of helping me in such circumstances he is feeling happy. So he ordered his men to put the Wazir in the prison. Hearing this he again repeated the same sentence that "Whatever God does He does Good for the people".

One day it happens to be so that the King decided to go for a hunting but unfortunately they could not take the Wazir along with them as he was in the prison. Soon they started their journey and the King lost his way in the thick forest and was caught by the jungle tribes and they made him captive He tried to convenience them saying that he was the King of native place but they fail to understand his language. Days passed than they tried to offer the King as a sacrifice to their Goddess. All preparations were made and as they took him for sacrifice one of the person noticed that his hand had a broken finger, and could not be offered as a sacrifice to their deity so he reported the matter to the leader of the tribe than the leader said we could not offer a sacrifice of human who has any defect in his body so they let him go alone and they freed him, than the King came back home happily thanking God and remembered Wazir that his statement was right and he was wrong. Then he ordered to free the Wazir and narrated the whole story about himself than Wazir said your majesty You had a habit of accompanying me along with you wherever you go, had they left you for your defectiveness they would have not spare me as my body had no defect at all and unfortunately I would have become the victim and scarified instead of you. Hence forth it is right to say that "Whatever God does He does Good for the people" Allah Jo Karta Hai Accha Karta Hai and thanks a lot for putting me in prison had you not put me behind bars I would have accompanied you along with hunting grounds so "Whatever God does He does Good for the people".

Hence forth believe in God Allah Rabbul Izzat for whatever He is doing for you is the right for us.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession