HOPES a word by which many people either build or spoil their life or carrier. If we take the literal meaning of hope than we may conclude that something what is possible within our limit or thing that is usually likely to happen It is this word that we often find people playing sentimental puppets with others.

Nowadays the graph of unemployment has reached its pinnacle and it is this hope that insists the innocent people to fall prey to such nuisance. People or any organization has the only intentions of cheat and fraud in their minds. Such types of people are masters and specialist in dealing with psychological aspects of human life. They catch the nerves of innocence, hopes and despairs of people and show them the dreams of beautiful world waiting for them. They tend to make future of such poor and innocent and humble people. So people when see the charms of fantasy of new world than each and everyone desire to attain it at any cost to full fill these lust they often make arrangements of money or deal by fair and false means. Actually it is just a dream which cannot be full filled or that cannot come true in real life of people.

But it is not to be forgotten that voice of such poor and needy people has the wings to convince Almighty God who would help them at such difficult times. Everyone has the right to build his or her future and approach to any organization of his choice. It is the talent, experience and qualifications that too be considered more important rather than money or identifications. If such people are given the jobs of their choice than naturally the firm or the organization would progress a lot in years to come. But the situation is exactly opposite so the procedure becomes meaningless.

If one has any shortcoming or any drawbacks than return him or her with a inspirational and suggestive smile, to prepare him for the next appointment. People face many interviews, test, examination just because of hopes that they would be the lucky icon to be the part of it if selected. Its mere hope that keeps them alive so such situations.

Hence lets take a pledge form today onwards to fulfill the desires and hopes of who ever approaches us. If we can't fulfill it than show them proper channel as to what is to be done to achieve his goal. Inspirational and moral words are more precious than gold and silver or diamonds. If you can't do anything at least give a smile to a person to return him smiling forever.

Liyakat Shah
The writer can be reached at shahdoof@gmail.com

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen various articles