Explanation of Surah No 107 of Quran Al-Maun (The Small Kindness)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This Surah belongs to the Early Meccan Period, but according to some commentators it was revealed in Medina (Allah Known better)

The subject matter of this Surah is the rejection of the Day of Judgenment, its rewards and punishments. Its theme is to show that man degrade himself by having worse behavior and arrogant character due to the denial of the Day of Accounts.
Also it opens up the character of Hypocrites who pretends to be Muslim but empty hearted just to show off.
In the beginning of this Surah Allah says that have you seen him who denies the judgment Day? I.e. just look at his character and note his arrogance and fearless behavior, and you know why? Because he just does not believe that he will be resurrected to give his accounts. He thinks that he can do what he likes and no one will catch him, and punish him. In fact look at this sort of man, he torture the orphan left in his custody just because the orphan is weak and immature, so he thinks that he can swallow his belongings left for him and no one is there to question him. And next he does not look down on charities of feeding the poor nor does he encourage others to do so. He in fact becomes mean and selfish. He treats the helpless with contempt and injustice and has no fear of the Day of Judgment. And what about Hypocrites who count themselves in Muslims but their hearts are empty of Faith, they only pretend to be with Muslims.
They neglected their prayers and do not give any importance to it. They take the prayers as heavy burden. They neglected the time when call is made for prayer, neither they concentrate not devote themselves seriously. Oh yes they remember to pray when they have some difficulties, but as soon as it is over they avoid their prayers or they pray so fast without concentrating or dedicating to Allah. And when they do any good deed, they make it a show of their act of goodness, devotion and charity. But they fail if you test them with small neighborly help. All their acts are hollow and all these are due to what you know? Because they do not believe that there is going to be A Day of Account where True Judgment will be done by the Supreme Allah.

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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