This article is dedicated to all those people who sail their boat in hurricane. I mean to say about those people who are really hard worker in life and never give up to any situations. They love to experiment new things in life. They never fear of any odd situations and dare to face the challenges in life. They never give up their dedication of hard work to any circumstances. Life has been a misery for someone and prosperous and happier for someone. We cannot blame our luck or fate for that. If we are unlucky at every step than should sort out time to find out mistakes and those faults that create hurdles in our work, however one thing is to be noted that if God has not written success in our life than no one in this world has the right to change His decision.

Remember every hard work has a better success but very few people survive at such circumstances. Only those people who have a bold nature and a daring heart try many experiments and even if they fail in few attempts they never give up and at last get a deserved success, there are many people in the world who just work and work and in spite of such hard work they do not get the desired results of success and there are some people who just take a single step and get the necessary success at one glance.

Well to the matter of success it is from Almighty God and who to get and who not to get is in the hands of God. But by hard work and perseverance one can kiss the doors of success. Take lessons from those people who work so hard that they even do not have a sound sleep in their bed room but still they neglect all comfort and tiredness and go in for work to leave their foot prints mark.

Remember working in good way is not an easy job we may earn very easily by false and fraud means as it is provoked by devil. The earning which is done by good means has a lot of blessings of God.

Mr. Liyakat shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession