The recent remarks by the France President Nicolas Sarkozy regarding veil has hurt the religious sentiments of people not only in France but many but also people around the world. The issue of Burkha has kept floating suspicious questions in the minds of the people.

However it is to be noted that never before Sarkozy any dignitary in 136th years of Parliament made such controversial speech in the parliament. According to him Burkha or veil would stigmatize Muslim people in France and he said he support from banning such garment to be worn in public. He considers Burkha not as a religious subservience. Here we people would like to ask the honorable President Sarkozy that what is his opinion about those naked or clothless people who wander on streets and do catwalks in and out of France during world cup soccer matches or any other grand functions many males and females romp naked with jubilation to celebrate there victory why does a person like president appreciates such brazen acts which displays some horrible extraordinary unwanted things.

If this is there culture than veil is also a culture of Islam. Sisters especially in France should prefer wearing of veil to prevent our historical legacy. Every person in this world is born free and has the tendency to choose his or her attire, mere just by forcing what to wear and what not to wear is not to be decided any one. Islam never appreciates or allows females to show their thighs or bellies to any person rather than hubby. Hence people with such attitude should be given snub treatment or a time would come when these people would wrath against the government. These issue should be pondered seriously or situation would be drastic. It is to be noted that veil has no restrictions of any kind. How can a women in Burkha be considered as prisoner. Its a symbol of honor and respect. Moreover such baseless remarks would just create fierce debate in and around. France has the history of many European people an estimated of about 5 millions people live there.

The Parliament itself has differences over this issue Immigration minister Eric Besson says that a full or complete ban on veil would just result only to create tension in the society. Veil is the Islamic traditions carried on from ages and how can we put restrictions or ban on such garments. It has great attachments with Islam and has being part and parcel of every Islamic women who resides around the globe. There are more important issues in France which is more important in France rather than veil. Such remarks would just disturb peace and order not only in France but also in abroad. Hence we people would request the President of France to reconsider his demand of such statement and not to play puppets with the sentiments of muslim people around the world. we can say that "Veil is not Evil"

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A.B.ED

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles on various issues