Be Satisfied With Everything

Thanks to Almighty Allah for whatever He has given and for whatever He would be giving. Being a Muslim it is mandatory for us to have Shuqran that is thanks to Allah Subhano Watala. Actually we just crave for better and better things if Allah has given us comfort and luxury than we a have greedy nature and think of more and more comfort than that. Be good with any situation. Look at poor casual labour that work for day out and day night and earn mere just few rupees to satisfy hunger of their family. But they are very happy and thank Allah all the time and they keep on smiling all the way. They work on daily wages and get money either daily or weekly than they do not have hoards of things filled in the house, but they bring the daily commodities needed as soon as the sun rise by going in to a nearby shop to make arrangements for tea and lunch. There life is very simple and often get a sound sleep at night due to daily hard manual work. They enjoy their life with happiness and comfort in spite of less earnings and comforts.

On the other hand we people whom Allah has given all comforts and luxury in life still are not satisfied by whatever we have and think that if we have more than it would have been better and we waste our precious life in planning and finding ways of fulfilling our goal. This duniya (world) is a test for us and nothing would come along with us. Our earnings of whole life would also be left out and would be divided among out children and relatives. So why to think about this duniya (world) and better to think about world after death, for which we have to answer. Not to think for more and more comforts and luxury as everyone would sleep in same grave along with mud so be satisfied with whatever Allah has given us.

Whatever Allah has written in our fortune we would get only that much of thing no one in this world has the power to increase or decrease our earnings or things without Allah's consent.

Many a times we people in order to earn more and more money very often forget the correct way of Halal earning and fall prey to malpractices and earn by false and fraud means which is not at all permitted in Islam. Many examples can be traced that people tend to show religious figure in front of the people and at the back they have all unislamic things going on this is not good.

So be thankful to Allah Jalle Shahnaho with whatever He has given or would give.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession