Well the news is sad to hear that most of the people don't even consult a doctor for their minor or major injuries it shows their pessimistic attitude and laziness. However not to be forgotten the famous proverb as 'Prevention is better than cure'. If we met with certain ailment of minor or major than we do have to consult a doctor for it. If the ailment is major than have to look for a specialist for getting a proper treatment of it. However it is seen that at the teen age especially which is the age is of storm and stress where we act as if we don't care for anything and everything would be alright soon is a sign of negligence. We rely more on local prescriptions or try to bear the pain to avoid visiting from a doctors. But this time being escape would be good for you but would have a great impact as you grow up. We may feel its consequences in later life. A proper care, guidance and treatment at proper time would have prevented us from happenings of any ill things. Remember our whole body its structure be it internal and external organs are all beautiful gifts of Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat and we don't have any right to spoil it but we ought to take care of it at any cost. The real justice would be to protect it from any harm as we protect ourselves from season and changing weather. Because life is precious gift of God.

In Holy Quran in Suarah As-Sajdah Explaination from it Allah says that
He points out to man to look at his own humble beginning, beautiful and perfect and in proper proportion, each performs the functions given to it example eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to pump and supply blood etc. His material body is a piece of earth.

He Blessed you with eyes to see the things created by Him. The ears to listen to the voice of Faith and the Heart to witness the Truth, to accept and thank His Blessings to bow to Him and come to the right way.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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