Once there lived a lady it happened to be that she wanted to visit her relatives so she thought of travelling by a plane. So she visited a nearby airport to board a plane but she was sad to hear that the plane in which wanted to travel was late by an hour. She saw the schedule of her plane on the indicator and in order to utilize the leisure hour she visited a book stall to collect a latest copy of informative magazine of her choice and also purchased a packet of cookies to satisfy her hunger. So she found a place in a living room that gave nice aromatic fragrance with fully air conditioned room, next to her sat a man who was middle aged man busy with his movements of pen in book. He was so much busy that he did not mind looking anywhere. She kept her belonging and started to read the content of her choice. As she turn the pages of magazine she would take a cookie and eat it with gentle smile and satisfaction visible on her face but to her surprise the man sitting next to her also shared the same cookies without taking any permission as she ate the cookies the man also ate the cookies simultaneously first the lady use to eat than it was the chance of man.

The actions continued repeatedly. As she took the cookie the man also took the cookie and this time the smile was changed now the man smiled for a while the lady thought that such a rude man he is doing such an act that has no such place in good manners. Then she thought for a while and thought maybe he is hungry his hunger may had insisted him so do such work. On one side it was anger, frustration, envy and hatred and on other side it was joy, happiness, smile and celebration. The same procedure continued almost for an hour at last just one cookie remained in the packet. Now the lady took a pause and thought for a while that if he leaves the last piece she would take it and move further but as she was thinking the man used both his hands and made two pieces of a single cookie and ate half of it and left half of it for the lady with smile. Seeing such an action the lady felt deeply regretted and deeply shock with the final action. She felt that the man is giving leftover food to her which is a great insult in her life. Now her insult and abuse was unbearable so she uttered few abusive words of rude and made crocked face and took her belongings and went away from that place. As there was the announcement for the flight and it was also seen on the indicator. The lady sat in the plane which took off in few minutes.

After an hour the lady thought of reading the remaining content of the magazine for which she opened her purse to take out lenses for reading but she was surprised and staunch because she saw her packet of cookies untouched and shinning. A packet of her own cookies lay silently in the purse. She felt very amazed and surprised and thought and thought she felt very sorry, pity, disturbed, distracted and thought to apologize to the man but all was in vain as she was miles and miles away from land as well as him who shared her own cookies without feeling bad. Be good with others whether you know or not know.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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