Causes Of Stress

Stress, as we have seen, is caused by a number of factors. If it is not handles well, it can ruin our life. But there are some causes of stress that are created by us. We must know, notice and handle these causes in order to reduce self created stress.

Unhealthy Self Concept:
Everyone has some concept about one self. This is known as self concept. Sometimes this concept is the same as the concept others have about us, and same times not. If we consider that we are not good or if we think ourselves as different from what others feels we are, our self concept cannot be called healthy. It is true that all do not think the same about a person. But what majority of people thinks matters. When our self concept is not the same as that of others, there is a clash of concept. Then we find that others do not react as we wanted them or expected them to react in a particular situation, to our behavior or comment. When the reaction of others that is contrary to on exception is negative we are stressed and frustrated. Shifting our self concept to a healthy one can remove this type of stress.

Improper Goal Setting:
All of us have some or the other goal in life. But at times these goals are matching our capacity to work and at some other times not, So we find that when we want to do something that we can do, we are able to achieve our goal easily and feel happy and at ease. But if we want to do something that we cannot do, we are not able to achieve our goal easily. Then we are frustrated and feel very much stressed. This stress arises out of our struggle of reaching the goal that is beyond out capacity, just like a student with no mechanical aptitude trying to appear and pass the exams in engineering. Here a person cannot succeed how much ever he may try. Such a stress can be prevented by setting proper goals.

Excessive Desires:
Everyone has some or the other desires and wishes. We have these desires and try to fulfill to be happy. But those are people who have an unending list of desires. This list never ends. Generally such people are called greedy people. They always want something or other and never satisfied. Then they demand many things from others and expect that others fulfill all their wishes and demands. This cannot happen in practical life. So such people get frustrated. This frustration leads to stress. Then the vicious cycle of stress begins and the people go on getting deeper and deeper into it. This type of stress can be removed and prevented only it one learns to limit desires and expectations. For this one has to take conscious efforts and check whether a desire is right or not, very time one has any wish.

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