God has given us beautiful life and this life should be lead for us and also others. There is no reason to share all our amenities given by God to us but a few of things can change our life and by doing so one should not feel that our happiness would be lessening or decreased. On the contrary such good deeds would result in giving boundless and countless happiness. If God has given us excellent intelligence than do make use of it for the betterment of people to impart good qualitative things in people's mind that too free of cost without expecting any penny or reward from it. If the so called person, child, or man is benefited by your intelligence than it would result in getting good deeds in your account as long as he earn in good and polite manner.

If God has given you wealth than do share and think about your use if it goes in some lavish or extra rather than your needs than do use that extra expenditure to utilize it investing with those poor and needy people who are hungry and thirsty. We can either give them such cash or things by which they can satisfy their needs if they give smile for your good work than your deeds would be counted as everlasting. Off course our sole intension should be serving humanity and not to gain any own publicity or popularity so as to prove that we are so generous, kind and humble. Advertising and showoff makes the whole procedure meaningless. The more a person hides his good deeds the more he would be benefited.

If you posses any good knowledge of our or people's choice do mingle it with people and society. Knowledge is increased and improved by sharing and not by preserving and keeping it closed in the mind safe. A literatures real happiness lies in reading it with meaning and understanding and sharing among the people and society. A tool may not be useful if kept in a tool box, but its real exposure lies when it is used for its purpose.

Similarly if God has made the owner of any empire, firm or bushiness than do develop jobs and open doors for employments for the people, it can become a good means to serve the people by sitting in the office. Pay the people nice wages and according to their skills and abilities and talent. If the owner has the intension of service to humanity than he or she should have from time to time facilities such as bonus, incentives, appreciation, honor are the key elements if utilized at proper time would speed up the growth of a firm or industry. Such workers may make work with sincerity, honesty and happiness and feels very proud and keeps on talking about his master and his work.
Remember all such acts of serving humanity is just for the cause of Almighty God and not for any other gains never ever.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession