Man is a social animal his basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are fullfilled in the society. He can achieve all this specific goals by thinking positive. Positive attitude is key to the success. Positive attitude leads to over come all the difficulties in the life. There are times when some people fell prey to negative attitude and this also leads them to think negative for each and every work they do. If a person thinks negative than it may happen that one fails to get success in his or her life, inspite of several hardships and and various successful attempts he fails to get the desired results. But one should not give up because failure does not means that you have failed but it does mean that you have a fresh start.

Life is a combination of joy and sorrow. It is through that patch of sorrowful life we ought to standstill and never give up and never let our self-confidence and ego go down. It is at such time that we can overcome all the hazards and obstacles in our life.

Positive attitude is a must in life. Life is full of ups and downs many joys and sorrows encircle us in our day to day life. Sorrows and joys comes and goes but human beings stand then and there. It is at such critical time we must be positive in life in all our acts and action we do. joy is for full time and sorrow is just for part time. Sorrow is just for time being. We have to face the condition however it may be. There is a grand success in our life. If a person does not think positive in life than he will never ever progress in his life. The progressive path is hindered

Positive attitude leads to a successful citizen. If he goes through a bad patch than he is present physically and absent everywhere. He turns towards nervous depression he begins to feels boring in his life. If such a person is bold enough to face the drastic situation or face any circumstances he would turned out to be a winner of gold medal. Hence positive attitude leads to grand success in life.

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A(Eng) B.ED

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles