Shoot Animals By Lens And Not By Guns

Animals are our precious gift of Almighty Allah they add beauty to our nature and are also interdependent on nature. There are wild and domestic animals but very sad to say that these wild animals are killed for no reason and just for fun. So these poor animals have to suffer for the cause of human amusement. Even though Indian Government had made stringent laws for people who dare to kill any wild animals without any specific reasons. But this law lacks on grounds of implementations. So the procedure lacks in terms of preventing wild life. The killings of tigers are of serious concern as there are very few tigers left either in jungle or sanctuaries. Wild animals can live and survive very nicely in natural condition that is in jungles but unfortunately trees are being felled down and this is the reason of deforestation. People have sprung towards forest areas to settle human civilization. There are many wild animals that are being killed daily in many parts of India and if such killings continuous, than a day would come that we have to live without wildlife which is not possible for us as all species are interdependent on each other. Animals be it domestic or wild all are the creations of Him. So care must be taken by us. Islam says to love and care animals. God has created wild animals which live in the forest.

Similarly there are some animals used for domestication purpose to be use as transportation and as food of humans. The responsibility of carrying and feeding falls on his master who keeps the animals. We ought to take care of animals by providing them with nourishing food and also proper shelter for dwelling place followed by clean and safe drinking water from time to time. If they fall ill or do not perform their function nicely than we should show concern by visiting a specialist veterinary doctor of that ailment. Similarly if any female animal is pregnant than care is to be taken for her as we take care of our family member, not to load too much without the reach of animal nor beat them for not performing any function, not to get angry on animals. Animals are also living beings but they do not have voice to speak like us. But they also have a pleasure of pain and happiness like humans. They can express their feelings of joy and happiness by performing certain tricks of amusement by playing in mud or water. They may run or jump or make typical sound in their joyous moods. We should not beat them with wipe or any sticks or materials. Now a day we find farmers using wires chain to control the poor animals. This is not good so treat them with love and affection and care. At sad times we may even find animals crying or making typical sound and tears can also be visible in their eyes.
Hence do love animals God would love us.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession