Values Of Behavior

Values are the ways of behavior accepted by the society at a certain time and place. They change from place to place and time to time. Value Education is the education of these ways of behavior. Effectiveness of learning of these values by a new generation depends on the way in which the values are taught.

If the new generation is forced to follow certain norms without giving reasons for the norms just by creating a fear of punishment on their violation, the new generation is likely to abide by them only as long as the threat of punishment is there. This following will be just to avoid the punishment.

As soon as the threat of punishment vanishes, the kids of new generation will stop even thinking these norms. Then, they will not even consider the benefits they would get by following them. They simply enjoy escaping them. Then they will neither follow the values nor teach them to their next generation.

On the other hand, if the new generation is explained why a value has to be followed in a logical manner, they will not only follow them without resistance or fear, but keep following them even when those who wanted them to follow those values are not found.

This means, enforcing values believe that enforcement of values is a way of teaching or inculcating values, is very powerful way of drawing the new generation away from values. The older generation has been doing this for years together and then has been complaining that values are diminishing in the new generation.

Values form the foundation of our life. But as the time changes and values seen in the new generation appear to be changing. At the same time, importance given to values by people appears to be reducing. There was a time when people considered values more than their lives. This situation was certainly not desirable, but now when we find that there are certain people who put values on the last priority, we must say that even this is not a desirable situation either. It is true as the world is coming and the gap between different cultures are reducing, the values about right and wrong, good and bad are also changing. Due to this, some young people get confused and cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. Then they just drop those values.

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