Unity Is Strength

Once upon a time there lived an old man who had four sons who always quarreled among each other over minor matters. Their father was old and could not understand how to teach them a lesson so as to they would stop fighting and live a peaceful life but everything was in vain. The day just began with quarrel and ended with it so. The father was fed up and as time went on; he became old and feeble and lay on his bed. One day he called all his four sons and told them to bring a bundle of sticks from the market, all four brothers went to the market and bought a bundle of sticks and gave it to their father. He called upon all his sons to sit next to him and said that look sons now I have become too old and may be that I could not survive any more due to my old age so I request you all four to live peacefully and happily in life even if I am not there and main thing is that you all should not quarrel among each other. Saying this he told them to bring the bundle of sticks that they bought from the market. So he gave each of them single stick and told them to break it into two pieces. They laughed and broke the sticks with ease and comfort and were proud of their power as they were young and strong. Then he said to make a bundle of all sticks and told them to break it and try the same experiment of breaking it and making it into two pieces. But to his surprise none of them was able to break the sticks and were unsuccessful in their mission. They tried and tried but no success at all. Now all the bravery and strangeness had vanished away and no one could break the bundles of sticks. So the old man said that look my dear sons as you saw that when the sticks were separated when given each to all than you all could easily break it, but you were given the bundle of such sticks then none of you could dare to break the bundle of sticks. Hence forth you all learn a lesson from it that when you all are united no one would dare to break your unity, but when you all are separated then you all could be defeated easily. So united we stand and divided we fall. All four sons learnt a nice lesson remained and always remained united forever.
Hence in life always remain united and never be bifurcated in life to turn out a winner in life. A unity is strength and always remain united with it.
Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession