Almighty God has given us trees which are very much advantageous to humans and animals. We humans are totally dependent on it as well as animals they get variety of food to eat. Sadly this human is responsible for deforestation and felling of trees and forests. Today more and more trees are being cut down to satisfy human needs the space in which we live fell short due to on growing population as a result humans turn their way to forest and jungles and paddy fields they cut down number of trees to construct malls, apartments, row houses, buildings and so on. Imagine the number of trees being cut down and the amount of disturbance in ecological system.

Plants purify air and with deep going roots held underground water and soil. Their twigs and leaves shed, decomposed and turned into a rich natural manure. New plants, trees and fields grow on it. It rains due to plants and trees. Humans beings also progress and prospered on contains of plants such as fruits, cattle, vegetables and so on. Continuous cutting down of forest has caused rapid deforestation on the earth. Plants are cut and it reduces the percentage of oxygen and ozone in the atmosphere and pollutes it to great extent.

While planting and growing new trees, first of all one should conserve whatever forests and trees presently exist they should be saved from cutting down. Only plantation of sapling is not enough. They should be carefully grown and nurtured or they may not survive. Growing plant is saving one life henceforth we should take up the task of planting more and more trees remember if everyone thinks of planting one plant in a day than remember if the task is taken for a week than imagine so many plants are being planted in a week. But the task should be undertaken by all not for personal but for saving the environment. Global warming and load shedding are also a reason of cutting down of trees. If trees are cut down than the percentage of oxygen decreases in the atmosphere hence people has to find a place like green zone or garden to go for a morning walk to breathe in healthy oxygen. But it big cities there are few such green zones or gardens and public parks. The places which are famous for green zone had also turned into flat areas the result of deforestation would be very serious at time to come our children would feel for it hence care should be taken from now onwards and plant more and more trees.

Mr. Liyakat shah
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