Let's Try This Odd Things If You Can
God has made this beautiful world so let's try these odd things. Try these things if you can. So many people in this world intend to make world records to engrave their names in Gunnies Book of world record. But let's try these odd things to record our good deeds to open the gates of Paradise.

• If you have dozens of clothes of different colours than do give a piece of cloth to clothless person

• If you have a delicious aromatic varied food at home and restaurant than do give some food to the foodless person

• If you drink cold, clean safe, filtered and oxygenated water than do share a glass of water with waterless person

• If you have a dozens of pairs of shoes, chapples, sandals than do give to a person who walks barefooted

• If you have a double bed mattress, thick blanket and a pair of pillow do remember about people who sleep on road and footpath

• If you eat variety of seasonal and non-seasonal fruits do share local fruits with people who haven't seen them with eyes

• If you travel with luxurious amenities do share your seats with people who just dream for it and could not travel in it

• If you find some person in a problem do give them at least necessary solutions if not ant help to solve their problems

• If you find any humans, animals, or birds captive make necessary arrangements for their freedom within your reach

• If you are highly qualified and experienced person do educate at least a child in your nearby area to teach him basic things

• If you are a owner of any institution or a factory do keep an intension of opening an school to impart free qualitative education to the children

• If you eat your full fledge meal, lunch, dinner than at least make arrangements for breakfast of the poor who needs it

• If you enjoy sound sleep at night and day than find people who couldn't sleep due to many problems and ailments

• If you are healthy fresh and fine than find people who are ill, old feeble and weak so try to make them forget their worries

• If you visit five star hotel than find people who just see stars during night
Still many many more things are there try to find. Let's make up a mind to do at least any one act of good deeds remember it may be difficult but it is possible within the limits of human beings because those people are also human beings who bear such things just for the sake of Almighty God

Mr. Liyakat Shah
The writer can be reached at shahdoof@gmail.com

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles