Peace has a very important place in Islam. Peace is a procedure that may avoid us from doing anything wrong. It is peace that may solve all our conflicts, quarrels and wars by peaceful means. It is a type of weapon than can defeat the opponents by peaceful means. It is a device which is used by many social thinkers, social reformers and have got glaring results of it. Prophet Mohammad (Pace And Blessings Upon Him) had shown us the maximum use of this word and He not only preached but Himself followed it in front of the people. He gave more preference to peace than to arguments or war. According to Him if matters are to be sought out by peaceful than it should be given first priority. Whenever there were clouds of war He used to first find that if there is any way to avoid it by peaceful means. This shows that how He was so much concerned with peace. In spite of several hardships He never gave up hopes and tolerance in front of the enemies who had almost used all elements of torture, abuse, insult and attack. But His attitude of peace and tolerance was so high that the enemies got fed up with their bad work. No man in the history of mankind has ever being tested or would be tested in this universe. He had a firm belief on the concept of true God Allah Rabbul Izzat who would guide and protect Him at every step He takes Peace could be seen going side by side in all His work He did. Even people who criticize Him one time began to feel the beauty of His good nature of peacefulness and joined His camp in the mission of propagating the message of Islam. There are many instances in His life where we find that He had won the hearts of the people by peaceful means.

In Holy Quran Allah Tabaraq Watala says in Surah Az-Zumar its Explanations
"Allah says that the troubles or peace, both are test from Him to see which one of you thank Him in any condition, have patience and call Him only but no other gods."
In Holy Quran Allah Subhano Watala says in Surah As-Saffat its Explanations

"Allah says the evil has no power over righteous. The evil gets defeated by strong belief in True Faith, plenty good deeds and perseverance in strong trails"
So let us try to make use of peace in our day to day life and be happy and make other people happy. Solve all our problems whether big or small by peaceful means. Peaceful ways and means may take some time but the results would very good to be written in the history. May Allah give us hidayat Ameen.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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