Mother the lovable word itself symbolizes a human being with soft heart, hard worker, honest, careful and many more qualities present in her. Mother is most respected personality in the whole world. It is rightly said that " Heaven lies under the feet of a mother". If mother is heaven than father is the gate of heaven. If we speak of mother than an image comes in front of us. She gets up early in the morning. She is busy from dawn to dusk. She is busy for the whole day for doing various activities. She feeds her kids and family members. She just wants the family to be happy.

No other human beings in the whole universe can take place of a mother. Be it any season she is never tired by her unending work. She does all hard manual work. She sleeps late night and gets up early in the morning to do all chorus. She is called by different names around the globe and also have celebration in the form of Mother's Day when people around the world remember their mothers.

There are many poets who wrote famous poems, notes, and articles on mother. Mother is most loved and respected person all over the world. Mother's place cannot be claimed or taken away by any one, if such ask those people who do not have mother. Even the topmost people such as Prime Minister, President, Diplomats, Ambassadors are also sons or daughters of their mothers who nourish them so to become that person. It says us about mother's position in national and international level.

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A ( Eng) B.ED

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles